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Mille Lacs Lake Fish House Wireless

We pitched this ideal to a local resort on Mille Lacs Lake to expand their guest wireless out to their premier fish houses that they rent out to guests. With this service guests would be able to stream services  like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, check emails, surf the net, etc while they are fishing. The resort liked the ideal and it would be a service that no other resort on the lake currently offers. So we are starting with a trial by installing wireless in just one of their fish houses to show the resort that this concept will work. If everything works this winter they will be adding this service to an estimated 5 to 10 other Premier Fish Houses.


Equipment Used in Project:

1 – Litebeam 5AC 16 120 Radio

1 – IsoStation 5AC CPE

2 – Ubnt Fiber-POE Media Converters

2 – Ubnt Multi-Mode SFP’s

1 – Ubnt NanoSwitch

1 – Unifi AC-Lite Access Point

We started out temporarily running about 800ft 6-count Multi-mode fiber from one of the guest cabins that already had wireless to the end of the resorts dock to mount the Ubnt Litebeam AC 16 120 PTMP Antenna on top of the their light pole.

We used one of ubnt new NanoSwitch at the cabin to temporarily tie into the current wireless network. We then installed one of the ubnt Fiber-POE Media Converter off the NanoSwitch. Both the NanoSwitch and Fiber-POE are being power from a Unifi 8-160W Switch

At the end dock we installed the Litebeam 5AC 16 120 about 18 to 20 Feet off the water, and the other Fiber-POE is also installed at the end of the dock to feed the LiteBeam 5AC 16 120 Radio.

Ubnt AIRMAX Base for Fish House Wireless

The Fish House that we are testing  the wireless is a estimated 1 1/2 to 2 Miles off shore. We installed the IsoStation 5AC on a mast that is also from Ubiquiti. And we then installed a Unifi AC-Lite inside the fish house to provide the wireless service.


After we had everything installed it was time to aim the radio’s. We did run into a some line of sight issues due to a Island and how the shore lines goes out to a point. Even with those issues we where able to get a stable connection of around 20 to 30 Mbps which is what we were looking for a roku to work. We watched a HD Movie from the roku and we had no buffering on the stream. So we determined this project is a success.

Once the resort moves the fish house out to open area directly out front from the resort we are expecting better signal and speed.



Update 1/15/2017:  We made couple of changes with the radio on shore by moving the channel to the middle of the spectrum and by increasing the transfer power. The wireless became more stable and the link speed increased by almost 4 times



If you have a resort or have a fish house with property on land and want to do something like this please contact us at [email protected] or Send a Text to 651-356-1066 and we will be more then happy to design and setup WiFi out to your fish houses.


Update: 1/29/2019


We have added 10 additional fish houses to these installations. The estimated distance from shore to the fish house is about 3 miles.

We have replaced the Litebeam 5AC 16 120 Radio with PrismStation 5AC with a Horn-5-90 from Ubiquiti. Each Fish house has 1 LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 and 1 UAP-AC-Lite Access Point.

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What is mesh networking? Why would you use it.

Mesh WiFi

What is mesh networking?

“A mesh network is based on 2.4-GHz two-way RF communication,” explains Jeff Singer, product marketing director at Crestron Electronics in New York City. “With mesh networking, each device acts as a transmitter and a receiver, unlike other wireless platforms that have a single, dedicated gateway (or transmitter) which sends data to each device (or receiver).”

Traditional wireless networks are limited both in terms of range and number of devices due to this architecture. Each receiver must be within a certain range to communicate with the transmitter. As more devices are added, the network becomes slower due to the increased traffic. That said, mesh networks could offer a greater range because every device can communicate with every other device. As more devices are added, more communications paths are established, which can increase the speed and reliability of the wireless communication.

Why would organizations want or not want to use it?

Mesh networks are ideal for low data rates, such as control for lights, shades and thermostats, Singer adds. “RF technology does not support high data rates, such as for streaming media,” he says. “While mesh networks are great for new construction, wireless is ideal for retrofit applications or environments where pulling wire is possible or cost effective.”

Can it fulfill the promise of seamlessly connecting networks worldwide?

No, says Singer. “Mesh networks are designed for local communications,” he explains. “Each device must be within a maximum distance of about 290 meters from each other, with a maximum of 240 devices per gateway (these specs may vary based on environment and installation). Mesh networking refers to control communication among simple devices and as nothing to do with IT, the internet or computers.”

How reliable is mesh networking?

A mesh network is self-healing, says Nandhaan Verma, digital marketing executive at Matrid Technologies, in Chandigarh, India. “That is if one network breaks or one of the routers goes down, all the other routers will still keep functioning and provide you with internet access, which is very cool. You can repair the broken network at any other time without having to suffer the loss of your internet.”

How fast is mesh networking?

“A mesh network is a little faster than other networks since all its nodes (routers) are programmed to find the shortest and most efficient possible path for the data to be passed from the source to the end point user,” says Verma. “Also, since all the nodes in a mesh network are routers (i.e. they can both send and receive data), your network becomes more strong and amplified. If you’ve ever had that feeling, as you step away from your modem, that your Wi-Fi signal has become weaker and the internet grew slower, no worries. With a mesh network that won’t happen and your internet works at a great speed irrespective of your distance.”

What’s the long-term outlook for mesh networking?

“We believe the potential is huge for mesh networking,” says John Stachowiak, CEO of Unium, a Seattle-based telecommunications company. “With predictions of more than 2 billion IoT devices in the next few years, consumers and enterprises will see big drains on their Wi-Fi. As more things connect, it will be less effective. However, the solution is mesh networking software which will allow every connected device to improve the home Wi-Fi network rather than degrade its quality.”

Mesh networking is a burgeoning force in the wireless networking world, although the technology doesn’t make many headlines on industry media platforms.

That could change, and fast, as the word gets out on one of the technology industry’s most innovative – and fastest growing – networking solutions.

Article Source:

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What is GPON? and Why do we use it?

What is GPON?

GPON or ‘Gigabit Passive Optical Networks’ is a point-to-multipoint access mechanism.

The main characteristic of GPON is the use of passive splitters which enable a single feeding fibre from the network provider’s central location to serve multiple users within their homes and small businesses. Other uses include backhaul connections for cellular basestations, Wi-Fi hotspots, and even distributed antenna systems (DAS).

GPON uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for security purpose, which was designed to be efficient in both hardware and software, and supports a block length of 128 bits and key lengths of 128, 192, and 256 bits.

GPON also supports all types of Ethernet protocols.

Why Choose GPON?

GPON gives the end user the ability to consolidate multiple services onto a single fibre transport network. This is the key reason why someone would opt for GPON over other technologies.

Networks with GPON are the perfect solution for environments with multiple separated nodes/points or buildings because the technology reduces costs and infrastructure while increasing bandwidth. It provides 2.5 GB/s of downstream bandwidth and 1.25 GB/s upstream divided by the split ratio to each customer delivering a customisable, high capacity fibre network for forms of IP based services.

GPON provides for a large range of benefits that enable rapid, flexible, mass‐market fibre deployments at the lowest possible cost of ownership and rollout.

Combining full IP‐based connectivity and the latest fibre to the end point innovations, gigabit passive optical networks (GPON) are increasingly appearing as the key legacy network technology.

  • GPON supports triple – play services, providing competitive all-services solutions.
  • GPON supports high-bandwidth transmission to break down the bandwidth bottleneck of the access over twisted pair cables.
  • GPON supports the long-reach (up to 20 km) service coverage to overcome the obstacle of the access technology over twisted pair cables and reduce the network nodes.
  • With complete standards and high technical requirements, GPON supports integrated services in a good way.
  • GPON is a fully optical architecture option that offers the best of all worlds
  • A GPON system consists of an optical line terminal (OLT) that connects several optical network terminals (ONTs) together using a passive optical distribution network (ODN).



Why do we use GPON in our designs?

We use GPON in our design and deployments because its a very cost effected way to get an extremely reliable internet connection to our Wi-Fi access points in large resorts and campgrounds. There is also less maintenance and equipment on the network instead of a general fiber transport network

Contact Us Today to see what we can do for your resort or Campground by Calling: (218) 297-0992 or Email: [email protected]

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