It’s 2018 and, really, it should come as no surprise to you that free WiFi has moved beyond the world of luxury extras and is now an essential part of any hospitality package.

Whether you’re a hotel, large venue, apartment block or any other business with a customer-service element, integrated guest WiFi produces not only immense goodwill from your customer base, but also presents a tremendous opportunity to drive loyalty, generate advanced analytics and boost sales of key products.

WiFi is vital, then, but establishing, maintaining and updating an effective WiFi network isn’t something that can be done half-heatedly – it’s a significant commitment, one which demands expertise at every turn.

We know that not every business has that expertise to hand though, which is why we’re proud to offer the Managed Solutions – our end-to-end solution which encompasses each key stage of a successful WiFi implementation.

Fully managed, it’s the effortless way to bring the gift of guest WiFi to both your customers and your bottom line. Here are just a few of the huge benefits offered by our fully managed WiFi solution:

Advanced project planning

The biggest issue for any guest WiFi implementation is coverage. After all, a WiFi solution which couples spotty coverage with slow speeds is a recipe for disgruntled customers.

The Airangel Managed Solution includes every aspect of advanced project planning. Our team visit your site to better understand your requirements and perform analysis prior to installation, testing for wall density, checking for potential demand hotspots and performing wireless surveys to ensure that the installation produces incredible, consistent results day after day and year on year.

Effortless configuration

Once installed, we provide clients with a pre-configured cloud-managed router which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

It enables our customers, plus members of our support team, to manage every aspect of the guest WiFi experience from a simple yet powerful central hub. In addition, you’ll enjoy detailed reports on the performance of your network.

24/7 support

Nothing under the sun is perfect, but with our 24/7 monitoring, support and assistance, it’ll certainly feel like it is.

It begins with 24/7 cloud-based network monitoring of your network and includes support from our highly skilled Customer Support Team. We’re there when you need us, and with round-the-clock assistance for any issue you have, regardless of how large or small it may seem.

We’re keenly aware of just how important fully functional, high-speed wireless internet is for the success of modern businesses so we don’t make you wait for help when you need it with all work completed within pre-agreed SLAs, for ease of mind.

Automatic security

Security is essential in a world where hacks and attacks are commonplace on the internet. It’s why we offer Web Shield, our in-house security system. Web Shield is consistently updated to the very latest security protocols, patching any potential vulnerabilities which may arise from your system for advanced malware protection.

It’s a must for business clients and a vital source of reassurance for every guest, taken care of quietly and efficiently by our advanced network.

To learn more about our fully managed guest WiFi solution, get in touch with us today and discover how we can help bring amazing WiFi to your customers.